1,200% increase in organic growth for real estate brokerage

1,200% increase in organic growth for real estate brokerage

In less than two years, we helped a large, multi-city real estate brokerage own the local
market in terms of real estate specific keywords.

By the numbers…

5,500 to 70,000

users in 1.5 years


in traffic value

Ranking #1 for “living in texas” (19K), best places to live in texas (17K), “how long does it take to build a house” (12K)

From Stagnant Growth to Market-Domination

The Problem: The company struggled to gain exposure in the search engine results as they needed to compete with powerhouse content creators like Realtor.com and Zillow. A lack of content strategy and blogs centered around general lifestyle topics meant the traffic they were bringing in wasn’t necessarily qualified.

The Solution: By researching customer questions and creating content pillars focused around location-specific keywords and general real estate questions, we were able to quickly rank quality content. We built links, obtained news coverage, and were able to rank for more competitive keywords over time. Now, we currently have hundreds of keywords on page one and over 30K keywords organically ranking overall.

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