Content Marketing

The 7 Functions of Marketing Explained with Examples

When talking about marketing, many people think it’s just about using promotional tactics to sell products. However, those who are in the field can identify at least seven functions of marketing that govern almost all aspects of a business and should factor in all business decisions.  It’s true that the primary goal of marketing is […]

How to Become a Rockstar Content Creator in 14 Steps

The digital marketing industry is evolving quickly, but the content is still a major factor if you want to rank on Google, win social media and generate brand authority and trust. Content creators rule the online marketing landscape, and their role is only going to get more crucial.  In 2021, people need quick information. They […]

30 Benefits of Content Marketing That Might Surprise You

Buy this! Watch this! Subscribe Now! According to Forbes, an average American is exposed to an insane number of ads per day — around 4000 to 10000. Ridiculous, right? Some people rely on adblockers to save their sanity while others have developed immunity by unconsciously ignoring most ads. Either way, there’s no denying — conventional outbound […]

Marketing Strategy: How to Create Your Own + 20 Successful Strategies (with Examples!)

A marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-thinking approach to promoting your business. It’s an overall game plan your company uses to attract customers, boost sales, and increase brand awareness. This includes creating objective and measurable goals for multiple different tactics designed to ultimately increase revenue. Successful marketing strategies are typically drawn up from market research […]

50 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas to Earn You More Business

Lead generation is an essential element in the long-term success of almost any business. That being said, real estate lead generation is extra important since new clients are such a large part of most agent’s business. A real estate lead can come from anywhere; referrals, adverts, networking, or social media. However, with a little smart […]

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